How It Started

Coming from  a family of seven, brand new wasn’t an option.  My family re-used everything; if it could be used again or passed on, it was. Imagine the disappointment we experienced, thinking we had found a tin of chocolates, only to find it was the sewing kit!!


Upcycling has always been in my life , and now I have a family of six i am always looking for ways to save money.  Taking an old outdated cupboard, dressing table, wardrobe, etc, and turning it into a ‘new’ piece of furniture.  It not only saves money, but the quality is better than new, flat pack furniture.


So after painting all my own furniture, then furniture for friends and family, I then moved on to selling custom design pieces. I filled my garage on  a weekly basis with items people were throwing away gave them  a new lease of life.  I soon outgrew my garage and found a quaint workshop in Ffynnongreow near Holywell about twenty minutes away from Chester.  We also have a shop attached, full of upcycled furniture, gifts and antiques.


If you have old furniture that needs freshening up then contact us.